I once wore a pair of heels, a shirt with an open back and some white cutoffs to a backyard BBQ. It was slutty on purpose but I made the sexy splash that I was going for! (Let’s just say the husband of the hostess was all too eager to be hospitable and the wife and I no longer speak.) I know the heels initially got guests looking, but it was my sexy legs that closed the deal!

Fresh Spring fashions can show alot of leg, and if you really want to rock it, you better get those legs in order! My friend Mistress Daphne just wrote about sexy high heels, but heels and legs go together. So here’s some sexy leg tips for you to look your best this season.

Sexy Legs? Start Here

Let’s Get Physical— It’s always important to keep your legs in shape. Walking, squats, cycling and jumping rope are great ways to do this! I hate squats but I’ll walk any day. Just find something that works for you!

Hair’s The Issue — Waxing is much better than shaving, hands down. It can hurt like a bitch, but beauty is pain and that’s just a fact of life. Ugly, painful bumps from razor rash is NEVER an acceptable alternative.

Make It Routine — Keep your legs moisturized with a creamy lotion and make sure you do it after every shower. There are a lot of crappy lotions out there that are cheap and you might be tempted to buy them. But their product is often very thin, so don’t waste your money. Also, stay away from lotions with high alcohol content. They may smell amazing, but they’ll dry your skin out badly. And dry skin anywhere is never cute.

For Your Health— Don’t stand for too long. It can create varicose veins that can really ruin your leggy look. And sitting for too long is actually bad for the health of your legs. Do all that you can to give your legs rest or exercise when they need it.

No Excuse For Lazy — You can’t have gorgeous legs with scraggly toes. I know, I know. Pedicures can be spendy, so that’s why I wrote a DIY pedicure blog awhile back. Pro Tip: Try to get the real thing every so often just because it’s nice to relax and be pampered. Not to mention that they give you a great foot massage during the session!

Wrapping Up 

As you can see, sexy legs are completely attainable. But like anything worth having, they’re worth working for! Start implementing my tips and you’ll be well on your way!

Are you loving the FRESH theme of my New Spring Amber Academy? I sure am…..and I’ve got more cool stuff for you on the way. See you in a week, ladies!