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I was going to wait until next week to announce the Spring Series, but let me tell you what happened yesterday (Tuesday). I got up early and hung out with my girl, Mia. We went to breakfast and wore our sunglasses in the glary sunshine. There was just a hint of Spring through the cool wind of Winter. And then I came home in a lovely mood and thought to myself ‘Hey, it’s up to me! I can do whatever I want!’ So here it is, my introduction to Spring Forward Into Fresh, one week earlier than scheduled.

A Spring Series To Shake Off Winter’s Chill

The truth of the matter is, I’m just so damn sick of cold and winter and seeing snow on the news. What a fucking drag, amirite? It’s even been cold in Las Vegas (with snow, FFS!). So Spring and a new Spring Series can’t come fast enough for me! Maybe we can nudge it a little and kick Winter’s ass out!

My new Series is going to continue our Fresh theme. I just like that word, and I’ve definitely brought you some ‘fresh’ subjects during this current Series as well as past ones, too. Fresh means new and clean….and that’s always in style. Keeping with that trend, Spring Forward Into Fresh will be all about fresh fashion, fresh fragrances, fresh makeup and a fresh attitude. It’s time to shake off the doldrums of cold weather and get a little sunshine back in our life with all things fun and femme. Did you miss anything in my last Series? Well, we can’t have that! It’s not too late to catch up on Winter Femme and Fabulous!

As always, my Vault page has all the links to Series past and goes all the way back to the beginning, if you’re interested in some fun and helpful feminine reading! My goal is and always has been to guide my sissies, cross dressers and transgenders with things that they can relate to and learn from. Thanks for 5 years and counting! See you next week!