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Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Sweet Sissy Springtime

Now that the holidays are officially done and put away, Spring is here with new fashions and a fresh year to spend working on our feminine selves with ‘Girl Goals‘. Fine tuning your feminine self is a sissy journey and you might even acheive all the the things on your list, But you’re actually never done. Part of being feminine is upkeep and maintaining yourself as a classy person. Of course, being fashionable never hurts and being balanced is a must. So, see? We always have something to work on, even Mistresses.

New Sissy Series For Spring

All of that being said, this is the first of my new Series, ‘Sweet Sissy Springtime’. Evern though a new Series is created basically every season, it’s always so different. There’s so much fresh Spring fashion and new trends to talk about, not to mention all the regular girly straight talk that you’ve come to expect from me, your favorite feminization Mistress. The weather is going to get nicer and energy will soar. The shopping just keeps better and better, and you won’t want to miss it! So keep coming back and we’ll keep talking about Spring and all the sissy fun that goes along with it!










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