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Amber Academy, Series XVIII: I Love Girly-Girl Days!

So I recently went out shopping with a girlfriend of mine and on the way home from the mall, she told me she wanted to swing by a popular make-up store near here and pick up a few things. Oh, you don’t have to twist my arm to go shopping for girly things! Not ever! I would go every day if my bank account could support it.

Girly-Girl Haul

The moment I walked in, I was like a sugar junkie in a candy wonderland! My friend and I each helped ourselves to little baskets and started perusing the aisles. So much beauty and possibility in one place, I know you en femme lovelies know what I mean! I grabbed some eye make-up remover pads right off the bat. Can’t run out of those! Then it was off to look at the beauty blenders, (which I have to replace fairly regularly), but you can’t argue with how smoothly you can apply your foundation when you use one. Wasn’t sure if I was running low on primer or not, so I got one of those just in case. It goes on under foundation and is a non-negotiable part of my beauty routine…. just make sure you get an oil-free one. I have one beauty blender just for primer and one for foundation. I know, I’m so extra.

Eyes, Lips And Keeping Tidy

Not much of an eyeshadow girl lately, I walked past them, picked up some black eyeliner pencils and went off to look at lipstick. Picked out a few and decided I wanted gloss, too. Got a few tubes of some gorgeous ones. I left the store very happy and went right home to relax and put my new items in my cosmetics organizer, which could probably store a body if I stuffed it in right! Kidding! (Kinda.)

The only problem with having a huge collection of make-up is that I have to go through it from time to time to break up with make-up that has gone bad or expired. But it’s totally worth it to have so many fun things to play with! So what about you? Talk to me about your makeup loves and faves! I’m all ears, and my lips are on point!






6 comments to Amber Academy, Series XVIII: I Love Girly-Girl Days!

  • Petey cream puff

    For me it’s lipsticks in plum/burgundy/red shade along with pink/rose blush along with foundation/primer that salesgirl used on me when I went to buy makeup along with Ralph Lauren midnight romance with lotion to have scent stand out. Does it matter what goes on first? Should I do lotion then perfume or vice versa? My masseuse has started using this on me for massages along with mixing them in giving me facials to keep me soft and girlish smelling all the time. Have you heard or tried flower bomb? I asked to see if she wanted to go shopping with me but she said I have enough women’s clothes-perfumes as she’s watching what I spend. I’ll do whatever she wants and asks as she does have control over me.

    Also her my new gf and I are going for dinner Monday night and I was planning on wearing my bra/panty underneath my women’s slacks along with perfume and lotion I’m hoping New gf will notice. Do you think I should do this? My masseuse said I need to tell her I like to wear women’s clothes as she thinks she already suspects this as I told her I like perfume and women’s lotions.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m going to mistress!!! It’s time. There’s no use in denying this as it’s who I am and become. I can’t help that I like to wear women’s clothes/bra/panties/perfume/lotions/
    ankle boots/dresses/blouses/turtleneck sweater/lipsticks. Being with 2 women I feel overwhelmed even though we are friends, but they taken control of my spending and the one wants to make me more well rounded and know more about me. Bottom line in I want both to take control of me and I think they have.

    Ps are you familiar with Katie and Laura panties? I bought 6 bikini panties and 6 hipster panties.

  • Petey cream puff

    I ordered 2XL and they are to big. There isn’t supposed to be that much room is there? I’m thinking L or XL. Will these panties shrink if I wash them? If not hopefully they can get me one-two size smaller.

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