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Amber Academy, Series XVI: Cute And Trendy Boots To ‘Fall’ For This Season

It’s time for boots! The hot and mucky days are leaving us and it’s time to resurrect your fave fall shoes from last year. But there’s still shopping to be done, of course! Boots are a Fall fashion staple, and there are some definite trends this season to keep you right in style.

Hot Boots This Fall

Sock It To ‘Em— Totally retro, sock boots aren’t your standard look…but that’s what gets you noticed! Lucky for you, they pair great with dresses and skirts! Sissy frilly or no-nonsense pencil style, any skirt will do!

Stay Classy— Black boots with chunky heels are timeless and traditional, and you’re going to see this cute style every Fall. Mix them up with long coats and skirts, feminine mens-style blazers, cardigans or some cute corduroy in Fall colors like plum, sage, pumpkin and brick.

White Out— White boots aren’t for the timid. But if you love attention and live for fashion, hit ’em with a bright white! You’ll love the way white boots complete an en femme look, whether it be a retro style, a colorblock ensemble or your favorite Fall dress.

Show Off That Bootie— Sexy and feminine, I just bought a pair of lace-up booties myself! These are so versatile and can be dressed up or down, especially with denim.

Get Leggy— There’s a hot boot style on the scene this year, and it’s the legging boot. Mixing high fashion with sexy style, it’s a bold statement that completes a short skirt or a dress with a naughty, peek-a-boo slit. But don’t rule out office wear when considering the legging boot. Under a sexy dress and trenchcoat, you’ll be the talk of the department!

Stomp It Up

Keep these fabulous trends in mind and you’ll be on point for fashion this Fall! Bringing you the hot looks this season is all in a day’s work for your favorite feminization Mistress!




4 comments to Amber Academy, Series XVI: Cute And Trendy Boots To ‘Fall’ For This Season

  • Petey cream puff

    Love love love boots!! Especially the ankle and knee high boots!!! Just seeing women wearing them I decided I want to wear them as well and own 5 ankle & knee high boots! I’ve been told to wear ankle boots with yoga pants and knee high boots with leggings((which you hate) what are your thoughts on this? I had ankle boots with leggings and my masseuse told me that’s not good pairing as I was tol to wear knee high boots with leggings.

  • More so than heels I love boots. Knee highs being my favorite but even the lace up ankle boots can be really cute with a pair of skinny jeans.

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