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Amber Academy, Series XIX: The Finger Is Female

Sissy Tori came to me on Skype requesting sissy training and humiliation. There she was on herĀ  bed, in sexy black lingerie and red lipstick. Cute, of course! But she had no sex toys to speak of, not even something household that could be used. Nothing to tie, clip, vibrate or pump…..and no offer to grab anything for the session. Don’t invite me to the circus and then tell me they’re out of peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy!

Sissy Ask, Sissy Receive

I love fantasy as much as the next person. But when you sincerely ask me for training, it’s no longer a fantasy ride. I am serious about all of my training and submission is the ultimate goal. But you have to do it to understand it and benefit. You would never imagine driving a new car and then count that daydream as your test drive. How can you know what something is like without experiencing it? There were no toys for Sissy Tori and no cock for her to gag all over (better than any toy!), so I had her slide her finger into her pussy. I made her pump and push while telling her exactly what that made her. (It made her a whore and much more….but that’s personal to Sissy Tori!) She wanted training and humiliation…..sissy ask, sissy receive.

The Finger Is Female

When I make you finger yourself, that’s when I know you’re serious. I’m not interested in you leaving our session secure in the knowledge that at least you didn’t go too far. I want you to go farther than you expected. I want there to be zero doubt in your mind that you’re a whore and to be proud of it. I want you submissive and wanting, aching for the pleasure that you know exists for you. I love to hear the whimpers and moans….the very same sounds that a woman makes. Not to mention that using your fingers is intensely female as it is. Women first explore themselves with fingers. Your finger is soft and long, it’s gentle and always ready to use. It’s perfect for rubbing and exploring. And my sweet Tori let herself go farther. She pumped and pleased herself under my doting eye and within subspace until her pleasure exploded all over that pretty black lingerie.
Submission acheived! Training accepted! Humiliation secure! Mistress pleased! (And that’s the most important of all.)



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