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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Summer Make-Up Check-Up

I’ll admit it. I’m a make-up freak. And ever since I started subscribing to a make-up sample delivery service every month, it just feeds my addiction. I love trying new brands and blends and end up buying full sizes of the things I adore. But I’ve got a shit ton of full size liners, foundations, palettes and tubes. The more I acquire, the less certain things get used. I wrote recently about fun, feminine summer beauty tips, but what to do about a growing collection of things I love using?

Here’s a quick refresher from my blog written a few years ago, entitled Tips And Tricks With Cosmetics. Use this info to keep your collection healthy and not take any chances with infection or other icky problems.

How Long Does Make-Up Last?

It is natural for liquid foundations to settle, and it’s nothing that a vigorous shake can’t fix. But pay attention to the look and smell of things. Any cosmetics that develop a rank smell (especially mascara) has probably gone bad and can harbor bacteria and contribute to itchiness, rashes or infection. Barring any bad smells or visible problems, follow this guide:

*Powder blush and eyeshadow: will keep for 12-18 mos
* Lipstick: will keep for 12-18 mos
*Mascara: will keep for 3-4 mos
*Eyeliner: will keep for 18-24 mos
*Liquid make-up: will keep for 6-12 mos

If you’re still within the timeframe for mascara and you still have product in the tube but it’s getting a little dry, extend it’s life by dropping 1-2 drops of saline contact solution inside.

And something that I cannot stress enough! If you’ve had an eye infection such as conjuctivitis or staph (it’s gross but it happens!), discontinue use of cosmetics on your eyes. Not only will you clog up the infection, but any excessive watering because of the irritation can foul up your makeup and draw attention to the issue. Plus, any mascaras, liners or shadows that you have used during the infection will have to be thrown away to avoid re-infection, as your bacteria lives in your now-tainted makeup. Don’t mess with eye infections! Not to mention that it sure would suck to have throw a great product away, so hands off!

Wrapping Up

Summer is a great time to do a little make-up shake-up and toss old stuff, especially since Fall will bring fresh colors and new things to get for the new season. That means more space for fresh purchases, which means more shopping. Feminization might be a little spendy sometimes, but it sure is fun!


6 comments to Amber Academy, Series XIX: Summer Make-Up Check-Up

  • Petey cream puff

    This is something I want to get more into. I’ve tried this before as my masseuse helped me out with foundation/blush and to sink my cheeks and hit the cheek bone to apply blush. She took pictures with her phone with me in the makeup/lipstick along with wearing bra/panties and heels. I felt so weak/submissive and feminine when she did this. Last year I also went to makeup counter to buy makeup/lipsticks and sales girl asked who it was for and I said it was for me. She giggles then asked if it was ok to try samples on me and I said yes. She held my hand and said to relax when she put make/lipstick on me. I felt so helpless/weak/submissive and feminine when she did this. Her hand were so soft against my cheeks and she noticed bra I was wear as she rubbed my shoulders. I didn’t care after she was doing this as it was a thrill and rush. Once Labor Day hits and weather gets cooler I’m going to ask my masseuse if she wants to help me with makeup/take me to department store for makeup application with salesgirls. As you said in last blog about being bi I admit I like to wear women’s clothes/lipstick/perfumes/lotions/bras/panties/ankle and knee high boots. I really am a cream puff girl forever as I don’t care if I have girlfriend. If they aren’t interest in doing this to me it’s their loss as I can go deeper into being to the girl I really am and do more calls with the ldw mistresses for more feminization training.

  • Gem Sissy

    Thank you for the education, Mistress Amber. Gotta make up (ha ha) for lost time not learning this as a young sissy.

  • spotty

    I learned from a YouTube video about the period after opening symbol on many cosmetic products.

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