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Amber Academy, Series XIV: What The Hell Is Up With Contouring? (Part II)

If you’re a sissy or a cross dresser with your ear to the ground for feminization, make-up or beauty, you have heard about contouring. There are videos all over the Internet about it, and for some, it’s quite intimidating. What to buy? What color to put where? Well, I tackled Contouring, Part I last week, and am back as promised to actually teach you something. Contouring doesn’t have to be difficult, so I put together a mega-blog chock full of contour help for everyone plus some throwback extras to kick your all-over beauty up a notch!

Contouring, Simplified

When it comes to contouring, Part I already talked about the tools you’ll actually need. Next, it all comes down to what kind of face shape you have and then where to put what, using the foundation sticks you have purchased. Like I said last week, there are actually products specifically called ‘contour’ and ‘highlighter’ and there’s nothing wrong with using that, either. If you’re unsure about face shape, pull your hair off your face in a bathroom mirror. Apply your normal foundation, select from below and get ready to contour for your best en femme look ever!

Heart — Broad forehead and a jaw that gradually narrows into a defined chin? Start by running your contour product just under the hairline across your forehead.** Swipe a few inches of contour under cheekbones, across bottom of chin and up the middle of chin. Use your highlighting product by swiping above cheeks, sides of face, down bridge of nose and in middle of forehead slightly above eyebrows.

Oval— Do you have an ‘egg’ shaped face? That’s really the best way to tell. Oval faces will need contour product across the forehead right under the hairline**, across the bottom of chin and down the sides of your face from eyeline to the bottom of your lip. Highlight in the middle of chin and middle of your forehead, across the browbone and under your eyes.

(Beauty Throwback: ‘Sexy Beauty Prep For En Femme Fun‘)

Round— Round faces are pretty self-explanatory. Basically, your face doesn’t have any angles. If this is you, run your contour product under your jaw on each side, under cheeks all the way to almost your ears, sides of forehead and along your temples. Make sure you highlight the middle of chin and forehead. Also, draw an upside down triangle under your eyes and fill it in with highlight product.

Rectangle— If your face is longer than it is wide and your forehead and jawline are practically even with each other, you have a rectangle face. Work your contour product on the sides of your forehead and across the hairline**, under the jawbone on both sides and below the cheekbones from cheek to ears. Highlight under eyes, along the browbone and the middle of your chin.

(Beauty Throwback: ‘Instant Ways To Look And Feel More Feminine‘)

Diamond— If your hairline is more narrow than your cheeks and you have a pointy chin, you will want to contour sides of forehead and down the sides of your cheeks. Highlight under your eyes in a upside down triangle shape and fill it in with product. Also highlight the middle of your chin.

Square — Square faces look alot like rectangle ones as far as the proportion of hairline to jawline, but instead if your face being long, it’s shorter in length. Contour the sides of your forehead, sides of cheeks and sides of jaw. Then get your highlighter for the middle of forehead, middle of chin and then draw a bold patch from under eyes to the edge of your eyebrow.

(Beauty Throwback: ‘Fresh Facial Masks For DIY‘)

Blending Is Just As Important As Contouring

OK, so now you’re standing in front of the mirror with lines all over your face. This is the part where you blend and buff using an upward motion. The goal is to soften harsh lines but use a light hand. Don’t blend all your work away. You still want the natural definition to show light and shadow. As a final step, use a translucent loose powder with a fluffy brush to set your work, making sure you get enough under the eyes, across your forehead and nose….where oil tends to hit the hardest. Pretty cool, huh? This contouring thing is NBD! You just needed a little help from a feminization Mistress that knows what’s up! Now you can do your eyes, lips and anything else you want to complete your look!


** You can skip this step if you have bangs!

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