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Do you have a little pindick? Is it the size of a half pencil found in a board game box? Maybe it’s as big as a cigarette lighter or one of those finger potatoes! Oh, how sad that would be….and yet, that’s what some of you are working with. No wonder you’re alone, and why you’ve had girlfriends only as long as it took for you to take off your pants. I’m sure they stayed for your money and your kindness, right? You were a sweetheart and you know how to treat a lady. Scratch that. They walked all over you and made you pay for everything. And you did it, didn’t you? You were so happy to seem normal that you did anything they wanted.

You’ve Got Choices, Pindick!

Well, there’s a difference in one of those girls and a Mistress. A Mistress doesn’t beat around the bush. You’re gonna know exactly what we want from you because we’re gonna tell you. No going to bars with her dumb friends and hating everyone of those hollow-brained bitches, paying for all the drinks while no one talks to you and you stick out like a sore thumb. No more radio silence and then hearing from a friend that she was all over some guy the other night while you were waiting by the phone . You may not be able to do anything about the size of that pindick between your legs, but at least a Mistress will keep you entertained. We’re smart, confident, stable, aaaand we care very much about your orgasm. We just want you to earn it.

So. Forget dumb women that just play games and have more baggage than the airport. Bring that pindick to me for some quality teasing while we build one helluva orgasm tolerance and then make you shoot your load all over the ceiling. Or somewhere else… choice!