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Make Cocksucking Your Reality, And The World Busts Right Open!

I’ve said it a million times: cocksucking is a gateway drug. How eagerly a fantasy boy ventures forth into the wide world of whoredom, often mistakenly assuming that he will merely dip his toe into the pool of promiscuity, scratch his itch with one delicious cock and get back to his regular life. Dear reader, the moment a cock passes your lips, you are locked inside a glorious hunger chamber that transforms you into the addict you’ve secretly feared and hoped to be.

Cocksucking is a beautiful spiral down, down, down…..

Cocksucking leads to more

A true cocksucking fantasy starts from curiosity and blossoms into full-blown wanderlust. Cocksucking trips a switch, and branches off from there. Once you surrender, you then take a quiet turn into sissydom, grow addicted to the stretch of toys, eat your own cum to get the taste again or begin to spread your legs to men or trans girls that fuck the ‘boy’ right out of you. Hell, maybe you try it all, love it more than you ever thought you could and then live for cam, shock and the laughter or sting of a female voice.

You’re never done. You’ll never have enough. It will rouse you from sleep, stiffen you regularly and drive you to more. You do not lose control, you merely access more than you had before. How could that possibly be bad?

From that to this, I remember thinking. There he was, naked in front of his mirrored closet door, on his knees for me. Wearing a matching pink and black collar and ball gag and nothing else, I watched him play. Thanks to the mirror behind him, I saw that bounce bitch speed-pump and lose himself in the rhythm of it all. I led him through subspace as his personal guide in a tour of filth.

I’ve known this whore for awhile and he’s not just a fantasy fuck boy. No, he has gladdened my devious Mistress heart by doing what he aches for. An ever-horny stroke addict, my little pump junkie performed for me while dreaming of being a garbage can for cum.

Are you next? Do you ache for cock? Let’s play.






23 comments to Make Cocksucking Your Reality, And The World Busts Right Open!

  • This is so true. I’m living proof. 😉

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I love the way you call him “An ever-horny stroke addict, my little pump junkie performed for me”. I too am a stroker slut…one that is always horny and one that loves to get on cam for mistress and perform for her. I have cum to realize that this is the best I can hope for with my sex life. And as a result I find that I now get excited and turned on by humiliating myself on cam for mistress while she makes me jerk off for on cam.

  • Being TS myself on HRT decades now, it’s like I just got online like maybe 6 years ago. As have I had boyfriend’s as well as girlfriends in my past. Seeing a gynecologist for years as well as being cleared twice in my life for SRS surgery. It’s always amazing, how much I find myself thinking and lusting after cock. It’s like sometimes the thought of just seeing a cute outfit to a really hot looking girl, makes me think of cock more. It’s like it slowly x consumes us beyond belief at times. From the toys to the actual deed even. It’s like hypnosis to the gifs, even the Tumblr n Twitter almost makes absorbency almost unbearable at times. Even my taste in fashions have changed. Fighting it, only seems to make it worse or stronger.

    It’s like one feels weak and exhausted to alive and so aroused and totally turned on all in the same breath. Watching sissy hypnosis I use to think, like omg how stupid. Hardly think that anymore. (Smiles), it’s like I often times get so like um totally turned on. My fashion tastes to seeing other sluts and whores, as like my new idols. As do I find fashions that tease and flirt, as really cute and oh so right, in way of fashion sense.

    It’s hard to stop thinking about cock at times.

    • Amber

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I think about cock all the time, too!

      • Like OMG I think about cock allot. Even in my sleep to all the silly little fantasies I have about it in between everything else. Sometimes I think I could be a total whores n be like oh so happy. It’s like I know fighting it makes it worse, but one wood think there wood or could be a happy medium to it all.

        Even when I watch the hypnos or even the gifs, I’m usually rubbing my nipples n licking or biting my lips, to even swirling my tongue around in total arousals. It’s like it consumes or captivates is, only finding ourselves wanting it more and more. It’s like I use to love my job, had to give it up as it became hard at times. But going back on a few weeks and it’s like, it’s like I think I need to just find a boyfriend and hoping that will curve my appetite. Except problem being. I’d rather find another like myself. Which is like really hard to do. I have an OBGYN appointment this week. As do I have a few questions to ask her.

      • Haha, actually I think about cock or looking hot for it, more often than I think it’s normal. As do I find that my tastes in fashion have changed a bit. Like I find certain fashions more recruitable as I think cock wood like them more. Haha. It’s insane on one hand and a total turn on, on so many other levels. Even seeing cute women on the streets to sort cute outfits makes me stay licking my lips or even rubbing my nipples at times. So insanely hot I know right! I think it has to be either my hormone levels or the hypnosis I’ve become addicted to here over last few years. Maybe it’s a combination of all involved. Either way I find pleasure in it

  • Can and is rather addictive yup say the very least. It’s like hypnos on some level, as one finds the never ending hunger for more and more

  • I love cock so much as do I find pleasure in being appreciated for both looking hot and sucking cock to the fullest extent.

  • I so love the idea of being a controlled and dirtified slut. It’s like you know it’s so wrong and feels oh so right on every level is like the thought consumes you. Sometimes it’s like I’m powerless to fight it as have I tried on so many occasions. Always losing myself in all its Glory.

    • Amber

      You are powerless to fight it, so you might as well enjoy it!

      • Mmmm haha I’m rubbing my nipples, biting my lip and moaning ever so lightly at the thought of that. It all so often is so arousing and like a total turn on. Its like it simply put, devours one’s soul hearth mind and body. It’s like fighting it really is pointless, almost to a point that the more one tries to fight it, the more one feels a yearning sensation for it.

        They’re ate times ours like i think eye is my life headed and why do i feel this way. I don’t think i was this way early on. Its like why can’t they’re be a happy medium.

        I’m so drawn to clock and super cute fashions. Even porn stars ate like so my faves. And it’s like sluts and whores ate somehow like i relayed yup them easier somehow. Giggles. Crazy

  • Ryan

    Been thinking about sucking my first real cock for a while now, but not sure how to go about it in a safe manner

    • Amber

      You should call me so we can talk about it! I have alot of callers that are hesitant like you and if they’re really serious, I get them on their knees in no time~!

  • W

    You explain it all so well, it’s impossible to doubt you! The way it begins, the turns in between and the constant cravings after. Thank you for writing this Ms.Amber!

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