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Y is For Yeastiality

Yeastiality means sex with any form of baked goods or pastry. This can be sex with warm dough that’s soft and uncooked, or sex with items in their finished form, like cake or bread. Maybe you get a hankering for smeary cupcakes on your cock, wet batter on your balls or just feel like tearing a loaf of warm baked sourdough open to thrust that pillowy inside. That’s yeastiality, and it’s a thing. I’ve actually had the pleasure of a few sessions like this and I always classified it as sploshing, a wet and messy fetish. But now I know there’s another name for it, too.

This might feel fucking amazing on your cock!

Yeastiality…..Is It Your Thing, Too?

A while back, I got to play with a man that I began to call Nick the Messy Pig, who would call me after driving home from work and making a pit stop at the bakery to get good prices on baked goods that hadn’t sold that day. I quite enjoyed watching him smash cake into his cock and surrounding areas, and loved seeing how erotic and satisfying it was for him.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have looked at cake, bread, batter and frosting as sexual, but anything can be if it gets you excited.
Offbeat kinks are welcome with me, and yeastiality is definitely on that list!



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