Cocksucking on demand. That’s exactly where we left it when I told you how my cocksucker had lost his power. My caller was no match for the Alpha that knew he was calling the shots. My cocksucker had actually begun to host at his own apartment and it was happening more and more.

The Alpha came over whenever he wanted and the moment that cock came out, my caller was intoxicated by the sight. Down on his knees my caller went again and again, his eyes closed, taking it all in, literally and figuratively. Sucking had begun to lead to fucking, and my cocksucking caller had found himself waking up on his bed again and again, the Alpha long gone.

What The Alpha Wants….

The cocksucker thought he had at least a few twenties in his wallet. Didn’t he? He wondered briefly if the Alpha had swiped the bills. He wouldn’t just take them, would he? And yet, it had happened more than once. The Alpha had mentioned that he wanted a key to the apartment but decided instead to just come over whenever he wanted.

Just last night, there were two men at the door….the Alpha and a friend. The cocksucker was automatically weak again. It’s like he lost all resolve. There he was again on his knees, front door barely shut. Cock in his hand, one in his mouth. Soon, the men had their hands all over him and it wasn’t long before he was stuffed and filled at both ends, his mouth too stuffed to beg for more.

What About You?

That’s what happens when a cocksucker loses his power! He’s under the authority of cock, weak and starving for a chance to surrender. Sometimes cock overrides everything. Do you know the feeling? How long ago did you give your power away?