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U is for Undercarriage

Undercarriage is a serious matter. If you have any hope at all about being useful or worthwhile to anyone sexually, you need to take care of your dirty business and never let the upkeep slip. That’s right. This is a brief but no bullshit PSA about your fun zone/pleasure place/beans and franks or whatever else you want to call it.

Undercarriage Etiquette

If you have a fuckable cock and women do not laugh you out of the bedroom, your undercarriage better be clean and neat at all times. No woman wants to venture forth into your secret garden. If you want women down south, you better give them something worthy of their mouth!

Your responsibility to tame the hairy beast is not diminished if women won’t touch you with a stick. If you’re a pindick and have been rejected by females as a whole, you may have come to the conclusion that taking cock just might be your lot in life. But that undercarriage still needs to be blue ribbon. The cocks you service deserve it as a sign of respect! You are presenting yourself, so take some pride in it. Those men might pound the last shred of dignity right out of you, I know. But you will have offered yourself as clean and courteous to begin with.

Oh, and don’t forget that your Skype cam shows everything when you get naked for us, so maybe do your Mistress a solid too, will you?




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