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The Stroke Show

You loved it when I wrapped my hand around his cock. My warm, soft grip was in perfect stroke mode from shaft to tip and your eyes were watching every move. He jerked and throbbed as I masturbated him, and you gave a sexy little squirm in your chair. This was hotter than you expected it to be. You imagined that I would finish him and smear warm cream on him, on me, so messy, so sexy. Maybe you thought that I’d eat it. How assuming of you.

My Stroke, My Way

But I summoned you from your spectator spot and made you kneel. Your naked cock pointed and dripped. Did you think my cockteasing was a show for your entertainment? Of course not….this is a feeding! There are two truths here, my little slut. One, I would never waste a load when I have you to take it, and two, I’m the one that runs this stroke show!

Stroking is a game I play on cock, teasing and tormenting but then changing my mind. By the time I allow the release, that cock is done being tricked and cums with a vengeance. And where do you think that cream will land? On your face, of course! It will be in your waiting mouth as you lick those lips clean.

Don’t act so surprised. This was always the plan, and you’ll do what I say because I won’t allow anything else.

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