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So You Want A Skype Call?

As much as I loooove regular calls by phone, Skype calls are like the cherry on my sexy sundae. The idea of exposing yourself and stroking for me on cam might be quite the thrill and maybe you have something hot to show me….but you might be unsure how to go about it. Well, here’s some stuff that some of you might not know, (and a reminder for you Skype pros, too!)

Skype 101

1) The first thing you want to do is download Skype if you don’t already have it. It’s free! Then, find me on Skype. I go by enchantrixamber

2) Send me a contact request and when I see it, I’ll accept. This saves time so you don’t waste your actual session trying to find me there.

3)┬áDetermine if I’m on and working. I don’t really use Skype unless I’m in session. I check it once or twice a day, and not on a schedule. If you’re sending me messages and I’m not responding, it’s probably because I’m not on. It might say I am. But that’s because I’ve noticed that setting my Away message or logging out completely gives some of you trouble when you’re trying to send me requests, so I often leave the damn thing on.

Sooooo, check this blog, here at www.the and look on the right side of the blog to see if I am available for a call. If I am, you have a few options if you don’t want to use your actual phone:
You can buy time on
Just click the link that says ‘CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A SEXYTEXTING SESSION’. Utilize the link attached to the minutes you are purchasing and then let Dispatch know you’d like a Skype call/text. They will ring my phone and let me know you’re waiting, and then I’ll meet you on Skype. You can call and pay with them directly and then have them call me to tell me you’re waiting. OR, you can make a regular call to Dispatch, have them patch you through and once we’re on the phone together, you can call me on Skype during the phone session.

Do’s and Don’ts….

Do have your lube, toys (and anything else you want for your session) handy. It wastes your session time to not be prepared while you scramble around your house trying to get your crap together and the clock is ticking.

Don’t call me directly on Skype if you have not first paid for a session. This happens alot, but I cannot answer.

Do get ready to have some wild fun! Whether you’re self-sucking, eating your cum, wearing your wife’s panties, giving me a naughty striptease, getting fucked on Cock Cam, smearing food into your body or dressing up your sissy self for a hot night out, we’re going to have a blast!

6 comments to So You Want A Skype Call?

  • Skype calls can be so much fun, and it may seem like a bit of a pain to get things set up but once you get the flow of how it works, it’s super easy. Take it from Ms Amber, she’s so worth the effort. Plus, once you finally do connect you’ll have such an amazing time together that you won’t even think about the extra step it took to get there. So don’t wait, guys. Do it!

  • This is the perfect “How To” post for Skype. It goes over all the things we tell callers all the time, if they want a session on Skype. I bet that you are surprised how many people don’t even have Skype downloaded and open. After trying to do all that, some callers wonder where the session time went. Really? See Miss Amber’s post.

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I love Skype calls….it is so much fun getting on cam and I love the vulnerability of knowing mistress is watching me.

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