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I know that it has been a while since you have heard from me, but there are lots of things that I will let you know about to catch you up. And you read that title right, I said foursome but first things first. I had been very busy rushing to get all of my customers houses cleaned before Christmas. It is a small client list but there was still some juggling of the schedules to be done.

Foursome? Yes’m.

Also, Patrick and I have talked to Miss Amber and Miss Tarah about getting our own space together. I have been spending a ton of time with Patrick the last couple of weeks, but we seem to be in the way whenever we hang out at Miss Tarah’s house. Miss Amber does not mind us at her house but we still think we are ready for the next step. I would still stay at Miss Amber’s house every now and then, but I wouldn’t live there anymore. It is a transition because I am technically her cuckold but things have been changing alot but change is usually good so we will see.

And I have made you wait long enough so I want to tell you guys that I met a friend of Miss Amber and his name is Ernesto. Ernesto has a boyfriend but they have been looking to have a little fun and break out of the shell as a couple. Miss Amber thought Patrick and I should explore a little with them so I will be throwing a little dinner party as a warm-up to our group fun. It will be my first foursome and I am a little nervous but excited at the same time. Patrick is not so shy anymore and has come a long way so I think a little adventure will do good for both of us.