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Sissy Cuckold Scott: Tales of a Cocksucking Sub

Tales of a Cocksucking Sub is a regular blog series by my cuckold sub, Scott. It is something that I asked him to write as a way to let others get to know him better. He delivers his post to me and I add nothing but spelling correction (if needed), and links. It is possible to set up a call with both of us, per appointment. Please email for details.

After going on a date with Miss Tarah’s friend Stephen last week, I came home and decided there were a few things I wanted to work on. First was even though I was very happy with my life, I have been cooking such good food for Miss Amber and her friends that I noticed some of my pretty clothes weren’t fitting as well as they used to. It’s hard not to snack when you are tasting food that you make and are invited to join the group.  I wasn’t going to become a gym rat, but I did need to do something. So I decided to start doing some stomach crunches and other floor exercises in the morning and yoga at night. I even found the perfect yoga video to help me begin to get my little pooch of a stomach in better shape. All of those parties that I catered had added a size to my waist and I was glad that I had a plan to get it under control. Of course I wanted to look my best in my sissy frilly panties and skirts, but it would just make me feel better anyway. Just climbing the stairs to my bedroom makes me tired.

Sissy makes some healthy changes

I started exercising yesterday and Miss Amber saw me all sweaty and asked if I had been naughty, thinking that I had maybe been masturbating without permission. But I let her know that I was starting to work out in order to look better and she was a little surprised. Miss Amber is in really good shape and I let her know that I wanted to be in good shape as well. I told her my plan to work on my trouble areas and see what results I can come up with but Miss Amber suggested that I look into healthier ways to cook, too. She even helped me make a weight goal. If I am good and keep with it, Miss Amber said she would buy me a little outfit to celebrate.

It’s easy to get off track and if you are struggling too, then I hope this inspires you to take charge and make some changes to look and feel your best. If you don’t have a Mistress to help you, you can set goals for yourself and even tell Miss Amber. She is a great cheerleader.

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