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Sex Toy Check-Up

We’re nearing the end of November and soon, people will start making plans and resolutions for the New Year. However, there’s one thing that I do at the end of every year so I start the next year fresh, and it’s a good practice to have. I do a sex toy check-up, and you can, too!

black dildo

How do I do a sex toy check-up?

Many of us have a stash of toys, but sometimes they just accumulate in the drawer. You may have toys from years ago and things that you haven’t used in a long time. But once a year, take the opportunity to do the following:

1) Take a good look at all your toys. Are they in good working order?  Are there any chips, scratches, cracks or tears? I know, sometimes a toy will have sentimental value, but you are better off retiring a toy and throwing it away than risking injury. We’re talking about objects that will likely be inserted into you, and the first rule of anal play is safety. Broken toys are a no-brainer and need to be eighty-sixed just because it’s taking up space for no reason.

2) Make sure that you have a special place for your toys. Tossing them into a drawer will only increase the oppportunity for damage. For example, I have all my glass toys (I love glass dildos!) in soft pouches. I can’t risk even one nick in a dildo, for obvious reasons. Consider moving everything to a ‘naughty shoebox’ or some other decorated, girly box or case.

pink and blue dildos

3) Shedding old toys means that there is room for new! Take a little time to look at fun, naughty items to replace what you’ve let go. Spicing up your masturbation routine is more than just different stroking methods. Sex toys can provide countless hours of pleasure and it’s ready when you are!

4) Brush up on the basics of sex toy cleaning to keep your naughty tools in the best shape they can be. I actually wrote a post about this that can help, and you can find it here. Next, replace all slow batteries and you’re good to go!

Here’s to a sexy New Year!

I hope this helps everyone establish a yearly check-up if they don’t already do it. I’m definitely looking forward to all the orgasms that await me in the New Year!
May you have all the fun you can stand…….(and then even more to push you over the edge again and again!)


8 comments to Sex Toy Check-Up

  • First of all, is it bad that I recognize the toy in the pic? I coincidentally spent 3 days last week attempting to get “Dick Rambone” (aka The Staff of Anubis) up my meat puppet’s pooter. More practice is needed. On another note, I too adore glass sex toys! They’re so beautiful and naughty at the same time. 🙂

  • I absolutely LOVE toys Miss Amber! I always keep my trusty dildo in my night stand drawer with a bottle of lube. It stays in a silk pouch to use when I need it. I think it’s always best to be prepared because you never know when the mood will strike you. Since the new year will be here soon, I already made a resolution to get more toys :).

  • I love your post Ms. Amber! So smart and it make so much sense to do sex toy check ups! Not only keeping them clean and organized, if one can, but updating toys as well. I have a few fav toys that I love to use…often and I tend to replace them after awhile.

  • Ms Amber ~ I saw “toy” and I was drawn in. I love sex toys. This is a great bit of advice. I have had a few that were sentimental and I didn’t want to part with them, but you are so right, safety first. And let’s face it, sometimes you just “outgrow” a toy. And buying new ones is so much fun!! Toy sites are very much into the sales this time of year as well, so take advantage of it!!!

    • Amber

      Yeah, don’t think of a toy clean-out as a sad, hate-to-part-with-it thing. It’s exciting that you are making room for new, bigger, better!

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