Slutty Tony saw me on and asked for a Skype call. The moment we turned on the cam, just the way he was postured…..I had a feeling his ass was already stuffed. He turned around and bent over at my command, and there it was, nestled tight. I asked him how long he had had his sex toy. He couldn’t remember!

Super Cute, But I Want More….

In addition to his jeweled pink buttplug, Slutty Tony was also wearing a super cute bra with matching panties! He pulled down the front of those panties to reveal a very excited cock. Well, while I love the naughty show, of course I wanted more. So Slutty Tony got an assignment. It was time to take Tony to a bigger arena! And the fun part of a horny butt sex toy is that you gradually move up in size. That’s how you keep thrilling yourself. That toy you’ve had forever is about to retire!

Time To Go Sex Toy Shopping….And I’m Listening!

So I made Tony get dressed during our call and drive to the store with his plug in. He was grinding that plug into his little ass while he drove. I told him to ask to see the dildo section and let him know that I expected him to tell the cashier/clerk that he can’t wait to stuff his butt with his new dildo. I could tell that he was nervous, but that’s what I wanted!

He left the phone on speaker as he walked into the sex store and I heard him talk to the female clerk. Of course I laughed at the idea of maybe his cheeks getting hot as he spoke to her. He asked her to direct him to the dildos and he quietly told me that she had walked away I told him to select a dildo that looked challenging that was still practical. He walked to the counter and took me with him as I heard some conversation. And then he said it! He told her he couldn’t wait to stuff his butt with the new dildo. Oh, I wish I could have seen it and not just heard it! I laughed and laughed!

I heard him leave and we talked on his way home. I was so proud of Slutty Tony for being obedient to a dominant Mistress on his sex toy assignment and doing what I asked.

Will you be obedient, too? Let’s find out, shall we?