I’ve written about Sam before. He loves to be teased and then denied. Not only that, after I make him forfeit that orgasm, I give it to my next caller. Did you miss that mini-blog? Here it is!

Oh Yeah, This Was About A Mistress Assignment. It’s A Doozy!

One of the lovely Mistresses here in LDW Land gave Sam one helluva assignment. And he did not disappoint.
See, it’s not enough that only a few of us get to talk to Sam and take that orgasm away. That other Mistress decided that Sam would call every damn Mistress here and declare that he was not allowed to cum ever, that no one was allowed to allow him to cum.
Never! Like, never ever!

So that’s what Sam did. He made a list of all the Mistresses and set out to complete his assignment. He talked to alllll of us. Every last one. He crossed names off the list. And by the time he was done, he had basically declared himself The Official Blue Balls Bitch of LDW. No hottie that takes our calls will ever allow him a sweet release. Not even a ruined orgasm. He gets to talk to pretty girls and touch himself, but then we snatch away his chance for a big finish and he must put his dick away.

Sam is not a real man. He is a laughingstock. He is a stroking fiend and a masturbation failure, because he will never get to finish.

A Reward? Guess What Sam Suggested! The (Blue) Balls On This Bitch!

He was so proud when he called me yesterday. He asked if he gets a reward for being such an obedient boy and calling all the Mistresses as instructed. And then. Then! He had the audacity to ask if his reward could be an orgasm….just this once. Absolutely not! He definitely has some balls on him. And they’re blue as hell!

Oh, I told him that he’d be making the blog again, and he was very happy with that reward. So here it is, Sam in Colorado!
By the way, I gave your orgasm to a guy in Chicago yesterday. He was very appreciative!