What does LDW stand for? Well, when you have asked (and many of you have), I typically say that LDW stands for Ladies Dominating (the) World. However, it might actually stand for League (of) Dominant Females. Either way, we’re in charge and you’re not. So I can imagine the shock on your face when I tell you that on Halloween, I’m not making any decisions. That’s right! I’m going to let something else do it for me. In the spirit of Halloweenie fun, my Magic 8-Ball will be deciding if any of you horny strokers gets to cum! Yes, I know what I’ve said before about my Cum Contract. But just for Halloween, my Contract is defunct.
I’m not in charge. Scary!


Magic 8-Ball Calling The Shots

Now, that’s a bit weird for me. Except for that wild kick I was on a few months back where I was secretly flipping a coin and leaving your orgasms up to chance, (oh, you didn’t know I was doing that? Hmm. Well, now you know!), I obviously like making all the choices in my sessions with you. I get off on cock control and control in general, so this should be interesting. And I’m not one of those people that thinks that Magic 8-Balls are silly novelty items that you buy in hokey little stores at the mall…..oh no! I have always felt like there was something more at work, like the Universe finally had a microphone.
Will the Universe let you cum?

What will the answer be? You might get ‘It Is Certain’, ‘Don’t Count On It’, or any of the other classic responses that will prompt me to keep asking until we get a definitive answer. Who knows? I’ll torment you in my signature cocktease style until you shake and quiver and you may receive blissful approval or a ice cold shut-down.
Frightening, isn’t it? Well, it’s Halloween after all. Best of luck tomorrow, bitches!