‘Debased’ is defined as ‘reduce in quality or value; adulterate, to lower in rank, dignity, or significance’.  (Doing this to someone comes easy to me, and I find it amusing because of how excited the recipient is when I do it!)

Debased Slowly….Big Results!

Years ago, I had started talking to a man that considered himself ‘a married man that liked to dress’. His wife knew he was a sissy in stockings and she wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. It was causing tension between them, and she just didn’t see him as a man anymore. Of course, he was in denial and told me he could stop dressing whenever he wanted. I told him that he couldn’t. His marriage soon ended and we kept talking.

Soon, my caller found himself in some female led relationships and getting some sexy attention from a girlfriend’s male pal. My caller was thrilled but it all felt so taboo! We were still talking then, too. His last relationship was with a transexual that made cock a common part of the relationship. And you guessed it…..we were still talking, talking, talking!

Abstinent But Not For Long!

My caller has been single for a while but cock is calling. He hears my voice in his head and wakes up in the mornings fighting his brain not to call me. Sometimes he can’t help it and the debased training continues. The more I reduce him, the more deliciously he surrenders!

You weren’t thinking about cock when you were married. That was my doing! (Debased!) I’ve been doing it for years because you were meant to be a sissy! Every move you’ve made in relationships since your divorce has my fingerprints all over it. Just look at all then seeds I’ve planted and all you’ve done as a result. The lower I’ve brought you, the more of a sissy you’ve turned into! And your urge for cock is growing stronger every day. That’s no coincidence, either! You’re going to be back on your knees very soon, fulfilling something else your Mistress wants.

Debased? Yes, more and more. Don’t fight. You can’t win!