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My Pain Bitch, Back For More!

I have a certain pain bitch that I’ve written about before. He just loves those thwacks and smacks! There’s just something special about aching to please a Mistress so much that you’ll inflict all kinds of things on yourself. Pain is very motivating with the sluts that call me. It makes me happy, and they just want to give me more!

Pain Bitch, Ready To Play

He called me with a belt and spatula but I wanted rubber bands for that SPH! So he rummaged in a drawer and found one for me. I could sense the hesitation as he pulled it far away from his little cock, but at my command, he snapped it and squealed. Success! My pain bitch loves to make me happy and he knows just how to do it!

We alternated all my favorite things….stroking and edging, pain for his cock and balls and of course, finger fucking! He got closer and closer each time, letting me know that he had a cup of milk to jizz into and drink down at the end. This little dick loser sure was #winning in the good ideas department!

And cum, he did! I wanted him to taste his cold milk with that special addition and he did not disappoint! I can’t wait for the next time I get to listen to my little bitch squeal!













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