Oh, Mr. Saskatchewan. It was music to my ears when you called me a few evenings ago and confessed your naughty secret.

I’ve talked about this man before. You might remember his blog? You should catch up if you missed it.

Here it is, right here. Click this link. Yep, this one.

What Slutty Progress My Sub Has Made!

But when this mild mannered Canadian man first started calling me, he could barely edge. Could only touch his cock for a little while before he couldn’t hold it anymore. And he certainly wasn’t eating his cum! But that was before I started training him…..what a difference a year makes!

He has to sneak his calls to me, but what fun we have together! He can edge for an hour now and he always eats his cum for me! Plus, so many hot little fantasies of what I’d do of I could get my hands on him! A little bondage, a little teasing, a little facesitting….one of my favorite trifectas!

The Confession….

But the other night, Mr. Saskatchewan told me that he was horny that he just couldn’t stand it. Sleeping wife beside him and taking chances be damned, I was deep in that head of his.

There he was, couldn’t stop thinking about eating his cum for me and laying next to his wife. And that strap-on of mine? It was just too much! Thinking about that domination just brought him deeper and deeper! He was sure wishing he could call so he could fuck his tight, little man ass with the toy I picked out and he purchased. (That was quite fun for me!)

Calling wasn’t an option in that moment. But he just needed to touch himself anyway! So touch it, he did! He jerked that cock for his Mistress and ate his cum right then and there like a good, obedient boy with his sleeping wife beside him. So proud of you, Mr. Saskatchewan!

Can’t wait until we play for real again!