Mr. A and I have been talking for years! He’s so obedient and I’ve always enjoyed him.

Welcome Back, Mr. A!

We went a while without talking because that’s how life works, and he just found his way back to me via a different Mistress here at LDW. She introduced him to me as a slutty humiliation sub and I thought, oh I know this whore! No introduction needed,
Welcome back, Mr. A! You and your tiny dick!

So many of you little sluts want assignments and after seeing Mr. A twerk on video (a little something sent to me by aforementioned other Mistress), it was clear that Mr. A is still eager to serve.

An Assignment…..And He Delivered!

I quickly placed an assignment order for a dancing video because a Naked Mr. A is hilarious to watch, but he was a bit delayed with the delivery. To send me an apology, he sent me naked pics while holding color printouts of popular casinos here in Las Vegas.

There he was, holding three pics: a castle with a medieval theme, a pyramid and the Eiffel Tower….if you know about Vegas, I hope you know what locations I’m referring to! I loved how his assignment was specific to me, and how eager Mr. A was to comply. Thanks, Mr. A. You just keep on making me smile and laugh with your small dick and ample butt. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Don’t forget my dancing vid!