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Mistress Reflects On Her Birthday

My birthday was technically on Nov 12. However, I celebrated a little that day, a little on Nov 14 and then you saw me in the evenings. Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday by call, email or a message on Enchantrix Empire! I had a blast!

How I Spent My Birthday

Both of those days started out like they always do, with a little sexy action! Between my vibrator and my boyfriend, Derek, rest assured that your Mistress got multiple orgasms for her birthday! On my actual birthday, my sweet sissy cuckold Scott made me my favorite breakfast: Eggs Benedict and coffee. I lounged around the house, took a leisurely shower, caught up on Gotham, and started an art project, which I worked on between calls. I talked to many of you naughty strokers that night, and fell asleep after a nice cup of chai.

eggs benedict

However, on Saturday the 14th, Derek took me out to breakfast and treated me to a few of my favorite places: Starbucks and Ulta. Then it was off with my girls Tarah, Evonne and Carrie, to a lovely ladies holiday luncheon. That sure got me in the spirit of the season! I came back home, did a little online shopping and opened some presents off my Wishlist that had been shipped to the house. In addition to a cookbook that I had totally been lusting over, some delicious smelling body butter and a gorgeous collection of OPI nail polish (the only kind I use!) that my lovely callers sent to me, I’m going to have to say that my favorite present out of them all was from Peter Teasetoy. He sent me the sexiest pair of black patent stiletto heels! You can bet they will be my newest accessory for my naughty evenings out when I’m in downtown Portland, partying it up! What a sweetheart Teasetoy is!


A Perfect End to a Perfect Birthday

Saturday night, Derek and I ordered in and had Thai food delivered. I watched one of my favorite films, ‘Dead Poets Society’ and opened one last present, a beautiful watch from Derek. I almost stayed off the phone altogether that night, but decided to give one lucky caller the ultimate treat: I took one call, put it on speaker and got down and dirty with Derek while my caller (AKA the Luckiest Man In The Universe) got to listen in as I got some cock for my birthday! Sometimes you strokers hit the jackpot, what can I say!? Then I logged off, said ‘Goodnight’ to Dispatch and went to sleep. It was the perfect end to the perfect birthday!


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