Many things are blamed on ‘womanly charms’. As early as that apple that Eve gave Adam, women have been making men do things. That was the first coerced submission, and women haven’t stopped since.

Women are the blinding light that can earn you a multitude of consequences. Maybe you have a failed marriage in your past, or a failing marriage that’s still fucking you over. Not all one-night-stands are in-and-out done deals, either…..sometimes you get a call nine months later, hint hint. Ask any man that’s fallen hard and made a decision that stung him, or any man currently bound in any way at all, and a woman will likely be the culprit. We’re sweet talking, soft-kissing devil girls that play innocent and then laugh to our friends how about easy you were. And the pretty girls that like sex and power are the most dangerous ones of all. We’re motivated by our pleasure. We know how to get what we want, and we’ll take your submission in any form.

Submission: A Trade-Off For Pleasing A Woman Like Me

I like men that like making me happy. Foot massages, expensive presents, eating my ass first thing in the morning….all of those things make me smile. I’ve made a man wash my car by hand in the middle of winter by promising him the best blow-job of his life, and then I went shopping and forgot all about him without a lick of regret. Do you think he was upset when I came back hours later after ‘forgetting’ to text him even once? No, he just went down on me and made me cum before my hot shower. That’s how women are, and it’s no accident.

Submission is your punishment for nothing in particular, and submission is your reward for giving me what I want. In giving it all to me, that’s the fast-track to subspace….and Mistresses are the best tour guides! So, see? Women aren’t completely bad…..

So maybe I want you blindfolded and writhing on my bed, cock standing on it’s own while I run a soft finger around that quivering tip. Perhaps all your credit cards will be missing when you wake up tomorrow, and I’ll thank you later for all the things you bought me. Locking your cock in front of my girlfriends, watching as I choose a sexy guy at the bar and then sucking him off in the backseat as you drive us home……submission. You’ll pulse for it, you’ll dream of it. Call me begging for it and thank me when you get it.
Submission is a blessing and curse, and I give both freely.