Frank, make sure you hear me on this. Here’s truth #1. Your manhood is gone and you can never take your life back. How could you possibly function with the truth that you know, with the foundation that I’ve laid? Can you make everything ok again? Can you ever change your ex-wife’s disgust for you to acceptance? Is Jeremy just going to stop pushing that sweet cock into her and erase your shame of being replaced? Will you ever be able to shake the unstoppable, irresistible urge you have to give your mouth and ass away? Nope a million times!

Manhood? What’s That?

I’ve got you deeper than there are words for, Frank. You crave the surrender and the brokenness. The damage that does you in again and again is so sexy, so delicious, so tormenting. Trying to talk to girls? Fail. Trying to withstand my pull? Fail. I’ve bound you for life, and you know it. I’m a bell in your head. My voice echoes!

Obsessed Much?

I get you so frustrated that it changes your whole week. Watching my page all day? Obsess much? There no fighting me, Frank. Who else knows all that I do and can honestly say that they orchestrated your dark descent?

Your damage nourishes you and I know you’re starving. Time to feed!