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Little rich And The Garbage Can Cum Face

Little rich used to be a cuckold bitch. No longer able to even boast a girlfriend, he’s been promoted to embarrassing ex-boyfriend and chief creampie licker instead…..when she feels like having him around. That woman needed an actual man! How long was she supposed to pretend that Little rich was it? He doesn’t even earn the capital ‘R’ for his name from me. He’s not even good enough for it! But there he was on my phone….basking in faggot cum face humiliation.

Cum Face Caller

LIttle rich was wearing cum all over his face and hair when he called me. He had just been used and the jizz was his reward. Not another t-girl cocksucking escapade…, a natural-born man this time. I did not permit him to wipe up on the call and I ordered him to go to bed after our session with all the cum still on him. I did not want Little rich feeling civilized or respected enough to be clean. It’s because Little rich is a garbage can and his cum face showed it. Why do we call you garbage cans on session, by the way? Many of the Mistresses do. I’ll tell you why. It’s because of the correlation we draw.

Garbage Can Connection

Imagine a public garbage can. Maybe it’s on the side of the road, in a subway station or a rest stop. The location doesn’t matter. Just ask yourself if people want to touch it? No! It’s filthy. They push trash in doing their best not to touch the can, right? If it’s an open lid, they aim and toss. And sometimes they miss. It’s not unusual to see a public trash can with something dripping, overflowing and downright nasty coming out of it. The can is wearing the proof of the trash. And so do you when you suck cock and take cum to the face. The man that is fucking your cunt mouth….is he concerned about mess? Does he apologize if he misses your hungry slut mouth? Does it even matter where he ‘tosses’ his ‘garbage’? It doesn’t. Your messy cum face after he’s blown his load is of no concern to him. And neither are you. Which means I treat you the same….like the swallow slut you are. So Little rich sat in his mess and confessed to me. That’s what humiliation sluts do.
Pleasing men and wearing cum. It’s all Little rich is for.


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