Are you secretly addicted to masturbation? Do you sneak in cum sessions on the sly, working it in whenever you can? Maybe you find yourself stroking without even realizing it! Some of you even have a special place you always masturbate, like in the shower, on the couch in front of television or in bed before you get up in the morning. Often, men can’t even sleep unless they have ejaculated! Guess what? You are not alone!

Everyone Does It

Let’s just do away with the shame of it right here and now. Some of you were brought up that way but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with self-pleasure. I’ll have you know that I actually broke a vibrator during quarantine, so there’s that! I kinda have a boyfriend now so no more power tools for me! But for those of you lured to your own cock again and again, embrace it. You are a sexual being! Any efforts to stop nature will fail miserably, and that is a promise. You can’t stop somehting you were programmed to do.

So Since You’re Doing It Anyway….

If it’s happening anyway, you might as well have some guidance. Teasing? Is there anything hotter than a woman in charge? Edging? Oh, you mean you’ll be strong enough to stop when you’re at your most horny and weak? Try again. Want to be watched? You definitely need a partner for that! Eat your cum? You need me for sure. And if no one actually sees your ruined orgasm, did it really happen?

It’s time to play and more importantly, it’s time to play with me. No more hemming, hawing, sniveling or stalling. You’re a masturbation whore and I’m in charge now!