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Hold your cum.

Three short words that have given rise to probably thousands of hours of excitement.  But why? Why when a Mistress tells me no, I can’t cum, do I get so crazed?  Why would a man willingly give up what most consider the ultimate sexual experience, an orgasm, in exchange for frustration, loss of control, or lack of satisfaction? For starters, I think it’s basic human nature to want something more the minute someone says you can’t have it.  But it goes way beyond that.  I have seen Mistresses write about this topic many times, and I thought it would be interesting to give one man’s perspective on why I enjoy short-term orgasm denial.

Short Term Denial Pleases My Mistresses

I’m not a “typical” submissive man, if there is such a thing.  I’m not a subbie, a boy, inferior to Mistresses, weak, or undeserving of an orgasm.  But I love to please my Mistresses.  They are beautiful, strong, talented women who have spent a lot of time cultivating our relationship and creating wonderful experiences for me.  So you bet I want to make them happy.  And I know giving my Mistresses control over my orgasms, letting them decide if or when I cum, and having the chance to deny and frustrate me, makes them happy as hell.  Not because they enjoy being mean or cruel.  But because they enjoy exciting me, guiding me to new experiences, and pushing limits within reasonable boundaries.  And I want more than anything to please them and give myself to them in that way.  Hearing their enjoyment excites me physically and emotionally.

Short Term Denial Is A Great Bonding Experience

For a variety of reasons, I’m into short-term orgasm denial, meaning days or at most a few weeks.  During that time, the excitement is definitely amped up.  The teasing takes on added intensity, the calls are more charged, and obviously the aching and longing are off the charts.  My Mistresses know this and so we tend to have more communication, whether by phone or email, during denial periods.  My Mistresses know I thrive on being able to share what I’m going through, and, of course, as the women responsible, they like to hear all about it.  Don’t get me wrong, when I cum on calls it’s fantastic and I have great interactions with my ladies, but there’s something extra, something special, that connects us even more when the Mistresses have control over my orgasms.

I love heightened sensitivity.  

Stroking, whether by hand or with toys, takes on added excitement when I can’t cum.  My cock and balls get really sensitive, and I’m on the edge in very short time when I’m stroking for them.  Hearing their voices describe naughty scenes, or watching porn, drives me even wilder.  Of course it’s frustrating as all get out not to release, but the act of stroking feels better when my balls are fuller and all those cock nerve endings are in a heightened state.

Orgasms are better.  

Eventually whether it’s a couple days or a couple weeks, my Mistresses finally allow me that huge explosion.  And OMG, there’s nothing like it.  I have experienced the absolute best orgasms of my life after denial.  I have rediscovered the multiple orgasms of my youth, and had longer and more powerful orgasms than ever before when it’s finally time to let go.  I love that feeling, and I love the powerful emotions and my Mistresses’ excitement that accompany that big release.  So yeah, I’m willing to go through the difficult journey to get to that orgasmic destination, lol.

So there you have it, the main reasons I enjoy short-term orgasm denial.
It’s nothing I ever experienced before finding LDW, but it’s kinky, naughty fun that I’m glad I experience with some awesome women here.