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Goodbye Party For Amber Complete With Party Slave

A little party requires a party slave, and a little party is exactly what I got, but not at my house! With my move to Las Vegas less than 10 days away, I couldn’t fit three people in my place, much less a group. So off to Tarah’s house we went. She’s my best girl and totally lamenting this entire relocation process of mine. But she wanted to show me a good time before I go, so I wore a sexy dress and an even sexier pair of pumps. (I was greeted at the door with a Miss America sash?!), so I wore it to be a good sport. It was totally random and unexpected, but I took it to mean I was the guest of honor, of course.

Purse Boy

The moment the door opened, I saw a younger, cute party slave on his hands and knees. He was collecting handbags from all the guests. I hung mine around his neck and watched my bag swing as he walked on all fours to Tarah’s room. He was to place them on her bed, but he couldn’t waste alot of time…..he had to get back to the door for any new guests and then back to her room he’d walk with more purses. I heard some of my friends teasing him about being the ‘Purse Boy’ and he just blushed. Once all the ladies had arrived, I saw him walk on all fours to the living room where all the guests were sitting.

Tarah had a large table laid out with appetizers and wine. It was all buffet style and very nice. I noticed that the Purse Boy was still on his hands and knees and he was frozen like a statue. That’s because although Tarah was sitting next to him, she was using his back as a table for her glass of red wine. Purse Boy had turned to human furniture with one command! He was absolutely frozen, concentrating hard to not spill the wine. I knew that Tarah was only going to get more and more tipsy, which would not be good for that wine glass. I actually saw fear in his eyes every time it wobbled! There was no way he wanted to spill that wine and fail Tarah but he was realizing that it might happen despite his best effort to be still.

Party Slave, Mistress Choice

There are definitely party slaves that are cockslutty cum dumpsters and I’m not knockin’ it. It just wasn’t that kind of party! Party slaves can be for sexy service or any kind of labor you choose. It’s the choice of the Mistress! There were actually no men to be seen. It was just ladies and my favorite ones. We drank (my first wine in a long time!), we ate and they went around the room and they roasted me, those beautiful bitches! We also laughed at the ‘furniture’ and teased it, which sounds silly. But I was Miss America, remember? I even got flowers. It was a lovely party and Purse Boy eventually spilled wine and got spanked. He creamed his little boy shorts and Tarah spanked him again!
Ah, good times.




8 comments to Goodbye Party For Amber Complete With Party Slave

  • Petey cream puff

    That’s hot how you have purse boy hold all the purses especially how you put your over his neck!!! My masseuse had me dressed up when she took me out holding her purse and shopping bags. I didn’t dare question her as I thought it was rush she did this and I think she’s taking lead in our relationship with her being the dominant and I as her submissive/weak/feminine cream puff.

  • Ah yes, I have been to a few of these party slave events. One I vividly remember was an afternoon tea party with different types of slaves, sissies, naked butlers, sissy maids, and one rubber doll. every one of these slaves served tea just perfectly. We Mistresses all had a thorough foot massage. Thanks Ms Amber for bringing back fond memories!

  • Las Vegas is in sooooooooooo much trouble. It’s not going to know what hit it. I am super excited for your move. Life is an adventure and I wish you all the good things for this next chapter in your life. Plus, it goes without saying what a Mistress paradise Nevada can be. Go easy on all your newfound sissy playthings.

  • Ms Amber, sounds like Miss America had a great time at the party. No doubt you will be missed after your move. Just remember, what happens in Vegas need not always stay in Vegas…looking forward to hearing about your new digs.

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