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Even Mistresses Have Sex On The Brain!

Men aren’t the only ones to be horny in the A.M. They’re rarin’ to go first thing when they wake up, which makes waking up with someone very convenient. It’s not at all difficult to roll on top of that steel cock and ride, rock and bounce your way to a great morning. For some, it’s better than coffee. But what about when you’re waking up alone….and a woman? Mistresses are usually in charge of submissives, but sometimes need to take action for themselves, too!

Making time for masturbation

My boyfriend and I don’t live together and he travels alot. Although the time we do share is spectacular, there are many times that he’s not next to me in the morning. That doesn’t stop my urges, which are the same as my male counterparts. But it just means that I plan ahead and am ready to make time for masturbation. I have a Hitachi in my bedside table drawer just for this purpose. I start every morning with a pre-coffee cum. I absolutely love my toy because it rocks my world every time.

One orgasm down, more to go. I hop out of bed and wander out to the kitchen to find something to nosh. My cuckold takes great pride in being domestic and loves to to have baked oatmeal or Eggs Benedict ready, but I’m not a huge breakfast eater. (Just give me a little fruit, cottage cheese and a big mug of dark roast!) And then it’s off to the shower, where I just happen to have a lovely hand held water nozzle that brings me to orgasm in only seconds. Let’s just say that I have a high water bill!

Sexy sessions with Mistress

Once out and dressed, I settle into my calls and talk to men all day unless I’m planning to be out with friends. From time to time, I notice chemistry in phone sex sessions, and will usually act on it. Between the urge to cum with them and the occasional porn vid viewings that I wander into, it’s fairly normal for me to be aroused all day. It’s a good thing that I can always find a man with a cock in his hand! My job definitely feeds my addiction for endorphins and sexual excitement… many jobs do you know that encourage sex play on the company dime? It sure beats sitting in an office. I’ve usually changed my panties a few times by the end of my shift. And if my boyfriend comes over that evening, you know what I’ll be doing!
Sex on the brain starts in the morning and continues all through the day. Mistresses have it, too. And just like men, we do something about it!

6 comments to Even Mistresses Have Sex On The Brain!

  • Ah yes….the Hitachi is a Mistress favorite. In a drawer next to my bed, it resides, and it never fails Ms Amber. When my guy Matt is gone out of town it’s my lover of choice. Sometimes chemistry does happen with a caller. In this case I imagine the fantasy of me riding him and calling the shots as hitachi buzzes along. 🙂

  • Peter

    I agree!! I love the hatachi magic wand as well. It really does what it’s supposed to do! I’ve never got off 2-3 times a day. I can’t get hard after getting off once. Though I do have bullet and that little gadget works great also. For me though it’s wearing a bra/slip/pumps/lipstick to get off!

  • Yes, even Mistresses need sex.I have had the rare occasion to have chemistry with a caller which is great when it happens. When I want a quickie, I use my trusty, very lifelike dildo!!! It works, but I am looking forward to a hook up with a lover this weekend :).

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