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Cute Cam Guy Shows Mistress A New Masturbation Toy

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…..I love to watch you. Many of you know this, and enjoy giving me a show. Cute Cam Guy is no exception. As you may remember, I wrote about him before once when I challenged him to find an object from around his house to use for anal play  and then again when he called back for a cam show and pushed a fat can of hair product into his ass, being sure to tape the lid first.

I was happy to see him meet my challenge, yes. But I was even happier that he was enjoying the fruits of his own creativity, proving yet again that you don’t need to drop a wad of cash on an expensive toy. When you use your imagination, you can find pleasure with pretty much anything.

Innovative stroker

Imagine my surprise when he appeared again a few days ago and wanted to give me a show. This time, he had a toy to use that I had not seen before. It was an empty, large mouthed plastic juice container. He had slicked the opening with Vaseline and was guiding his cock into again and again, like a sleeve. I could tell that the fit was snug, and that he was enjoying it. His cock pulsed and he just kept stroking. His lust for it was apparent, devoted to inching closer and closer to that hot, creamy blow.

My session with Cute Cam Guy got me thinking. It’s time for me to reissue my sex toy challenge! That means you. Yes, you! I want each and every one of you to think about what you can use around your house to masturbate with. Be creative, and I mean it! Cashmere sweaters, room temperature cantaloupe, Cool Whip, soft slippers, mashed potatoes, anything! And what can you use for that hungry ass of yours? Your house is filled with things to push inside there! Just make sure you ensure that:

1) Your toy of choice is clean
2) Your toy of choice is unbroken
3) Your toy of choice has smooth edges and is free of pointy, jabby, scratchy or poke-y anything! Injuries hurt like a bitch, and are difficult to heal because they’re hard to keep clean and dry and/or medicated. No orgasm is more important than your safety… think with your head. The one in between your shoulders!

Once you’ve located something that you can use that fits the criteria I just listed, catch me on Skype (enchantrixamber)
You better believe that I want to know what you’ve found! Wow me, shock me, make me laugh, whatever! I just want to see! And who knows? I might just ask if I can tell others about how much fun you had. So get to looking, and remember…..I love to watch!

8 comments to Cute Cam Guy Shows Mistress A New Masturbation Toy

  • Ms. Amber Cute Cam Guy sounds awesome.I love to watch the inventive things guys do on cam too. You have brought it to a whole different level, by adding the toy challenge.Some people don’t realize that there are plenty of everyday things around the house that work great to masturbate with. Great Post!

  • This is such a GREAT challenge, Ms. Amber!!

    I simply love doing DIY sex toys, and I love when guys can be creative shopping around the house or hotel room. I once helped a man make a male masturbator out of a washcloth, hair conditioner, and an ice bucket full of warm water. So creative, and it was both effective and free!

    I will look forward to the results of this challenge. I am curious to see the sex toys guys come up with.

    🙂 Ms. Delia

    • Amber

      Thanks, Miss Delia! We get alot of hotel room callers, so how interesting it will be to see what happens when they aren’t home and have only limited items available!

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Miss Amber …great post. Nice to hear that the mistresses of LDW appreciate the creative nature of some of their strokers…the inventive ones that come up with new ways and new toys to both masturbate with as well as to entertain their mistresses and improve their viewing pleasure 🙂

  • Ms Amber ~ I so love to watch!! It is my own personal network. I love seeing things that make me laugh or just simply shock me. Cute Cam Guy sounds very entertaining and I am sure he is UP for your challenge. I do hope that you keep us posted on all the kinky creative things your strokers and ass sluts come up with to impress you!!

    • Amber

      Are you kidding? The moment things happen, my fingers are flying! You can definitely count on me telling my readers all about it, Miss Kay Marie! =)

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