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Cuckold Peter…..Masculinity Lost!

Cuckold Peter is a sad sack of lonely. He works hard at his job and comes home to no one to talk to. His wife Laura is still getting cock from John. That’s nothing new. I’ve already written a few times about pathetic Cuckold Peter and the Bull that stole his wife. Peter’s masculinity is gone, along with his dignity. It’s as dead as disco.

Masculinity Gone Forever

His wife Laura is always out late and comes home in the wee hours if she comes home at all. Lots of times she heads straight for the shower and bed, but sometimes, Peter is lucky enough to get the remnants of the cream pie that John left. Anything that didn’t leak out of Laura on the drive home belongs to Peter. Hell….he’ll suck the wet splooge spot John and Laura leave on his bed, he’s so desperate for the cum of that Bull! He gets scraps! Scraps! But does he deserve more? Is your masculinity even worth saving if the woman you’re with has no interest in preserving it? If you mattered, her legs would be wrapped around you, not your replacement!

There are lots of husbands out there just like Cuckold Peter. Maybe your wife isn’t a cuckoldress, maybe she’s just tired of you. You’re a good provider and you better keep it up! But you can forget intimacy and being treated like a man. Your wife likely calls all the shots and doesn’t care that your masculinity has been chipping away little by little. By changing your role, you’ve gone from ‘man’ and ‘husband’ to pussy bitch….like when Laura left for a romantic trip with John way back when. How was Peter’s masculinity then? Circling the drain, I assure you!

Here’s The Truth

Listen up, hubby. The truth is, (and you may not like it, but tough tits), the world is shifting. Women have more power now than they ever have. And they aren’t about to give up a moment or an inch of what they’ve worked so hard for. So where does that leave you? You’re not going to leave because you would have already left if you had the balls to do it. You actually like having your masculinity in the negative. Being treated like a bitch is something you’re used to and you know you deserve it for never being man enough to stand up.
So take it, pussy boy. Enjoy the perks of submission, the pleasure of surrender.
You don’t have a choice anyway!



4 comments to Cuckold Peter…..Masculinity Lost!

  • Petey cream puff

    Does she have him dressed up as a girl? If so that’s so hot!!

  • You’re right Mistress Amber about the power structure in marriages shifting. I’m not a Cuck in my marriage (to my knowledge) but non kink wise my marriage is progressive. We split the cooking and cleaning. I do all the laundry and iron. She makes more than me and for the most part handles our finances. And that’s the way it should be.

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