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Barry the Sad Two Inch called me up trying to sound like a man, but I’m not sure who he thought he was kidding.  Maybe he thought I’d assume he was a different ‘Barry’. But the moment I brought up the blog where I outed him, he turned into a little mouse. Barry may be able to pretend that he’s a man to everyone else, and I’m sure he’s great at trying to fool everyone IRL that just assumes he’s a quiet type of guy. But there’s no lying to a Mistress. Blog or no blog, we will always call you out because there’s no getting one over on us!

Cuckold Bitch With The Sad Two Inch

Are you pretending to be a man when you know you’re not? So many of you strive to project masculinity in our call, but you can talk a good game for only so long. Are you really ready to take a chance with my BS Detector? Because I’ll break you down and shock you with my accuracy. I’ll have you asking me how I could possibly know all that I do about you! And then you’ll be rubbing your tiny bitch clit just like Barry was for me. He knew he’d been had and there was no point in pretending anymore. So he reverted to his little squeaky voice, confirmed to me that he’s still a cuckold and still a loser. And then I approved his little squirt of girly cream while that horny bitch squealed and squirmed.

One of these days you’re gonna have to switch on that cam for me, Cuckold Barry! I hope your wife comes home with her boyfriend one of these days. They can put that mousy little mouth of yours to use and make you suck cock as you were born to do!