Before I talk about cocksucking, let me tell you how much I love ferris wheels. I’m not going off on a tangent here, I have a point. So just hear me out. Ferris wheels are absolutely exhilarating, you can see the whole city, and it’s a spectacular ride at night. But I’m scared of heights. Can you believe it? I literally almost can’t deal. But wouldn’t you know it, every time I’m at a fair or carnival, I ride the ferris wheel, no exceptions.  I get nervous even though I know I’m going to love it. I won’t let myself back out.

But I have to make myself go. The truth is, sometimes I feel more ‘alive’ up in the air than on the ground. If I stop riding the ferris wheel, my nerves and panic might get the better of me and I may never ride again. But I never want to miss out on how fun and freeing I know it is, or lose out on time I could be enjoying it.

Amber (5)

I Thought You Said This Was About Cocksucking!

You thought this was about cocksucking, and it is. It’s about all of you that call me and tell me about when you used to suck cock. You can talk for hours reminiscing about how cocksucking felt, how cum tasted, how your heart pounded… it was yesterday. You remember every detail except that it wasn’t yesterday. It was years ago, and you’ve buried it. You miss it but you’re too psyched out, too nervous, too anxious and maybe even too scared to do it again. Maybe you make excuses, but there aren’t any.

It’s Time To Be Accountable To Mistress….

I have to make myself ride a ferris wheel. I have a pep talk with myself to not pass out before I climb in that seat! And maybe you have to make yourself go to that bookstore, to that club or that back alley bar. Maybe you need to literally put yourself in the car and go. Maybe being on your knees makes you feel more ‘alive’ than anything else. I completely understand.

So don’t miss out on exhilaration. Don’t cheat yourself out of heart-pounding, on-top-of-the-world excitement of cocksucking. Refuse to bury it for yourself, to forget it and look back with wistful wishing. You keep sucking cock and I’ll keep riding ferris wheels. Are you ready to make your commitment to me? We can hold each other accountable!