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Call Confessions: Slipper Humper, Foot Smell Lover

Mr. Slipper Humper humps in secret, and loves the smell of feet on his hands. He’ll do anything for it! Mr. Slipper Humper offers to clean houses just to be around women, and then offer his massage services to the housewife as a bonus. Foot massages are a way to keep his foot fetish hot and sexy. His main foot rubbin’ recipient is his step-mother, who will sometimes invite her friends over for a visit. And that means there’s all kinds of ladies wagging their feet and waiting for their massage….large feet, small feet, fat feet and everything in between. My foot smell lovin’ fetish slut is in heaven with that, believe me. But foot massages aren’t his first love, they’re just a supplement for what he loves the most: slipper humpin’!

Slipper Humper Forever

He’s been humpin’ those slippers for years, and he’ll be doing it forever. Whenever he visits his step-mother, he does odd jobs around the house and when she takes those slippers off for any reason, that’s when the humpin’ starts! He sneaks into her closet or the last place she left them, and quietly steals away to another room. Then, he pulls his pants down and presses the fronts of that soft slipper up against his quivering cock. He rubs and thrusts and grunts and finishes, each time inside the slipper itself. Sometimes he slurps up that cummy slipper and sometimes he just lets it soak in, but he always puts those slippers back and gets more than a little thrill when he sees his step-mother slide those slippers on later.
What a naughty, foot smell lovin’ masturbatin’ slipper thruster! I’m just glad that he confessed to me so I can tell all of you!


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog, and featured callers have been notified. Any names I use are changed to protect the not so innocent. *



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