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Call Confessions: Naughty Pet Gets Punished

How disobedient some pets are! When a Mistress gives an order, your acceptance should be instant with 100% follow-through. Anything else is unthinkable. But what happens when poor planning and selfish thinking ruins your opportunity to obey? Do not think that a Mistress will not uncover what you tried so hard to hide! Punishment is swift and sure.

Confession Of The Week:

Allow me to introduce you to a mousy sub, a born bottom, a meek pet. He’s lucky enough to belong to Mistress Delia, but he’s joint property when other Mistresses are concerned. On a recent Two Mistress Call, this whiny sub was a little too focused on punishment and was acting odd. Something told me that he was tiptoeing and trying to confess a specific disobedience, and I was going to get to the bottom of it! But it didn’t take alot of sleuthing, as this sub was an open book. He spilled his secret as fast as he could, almost relieved to be free of his burden. However, he did not think so far ahead to anticipate the consequences!

His crime? Not keeping an appointment with Mistress Delia and then never apologizing for it! Hear me clearly when I say to you that if you are fortunate enough to be granted even a small slice of Mistress Delia’s time, you have been honored. To fail her and keep her waiting? Not only is that rude and inconsiderate, but it may be last time you are ever offered time with her again. Yes, things happen. Events of the day are sometimes beyond our control. But to ignore the opportunity to apologize and explain to a Mistress? Unacceptable, and without excuse!

Time to take your lumps!

Once Miss Lilly and I discovered this transgression with the sub, we could not let it slide. Did he think that he would escape unscathed, that we would laugh it off or ignore it? No, it was time to pay for his crime. We took great pleasure in ordering him to bring his shoes closer to the phone. We all know how dirty the bottoms of shoes can be! That didn’t stop us from informing him of what he was required to do.

First, he placed the bottom of his shoe on his face and declared ‘I am dirt!’ (Keep a Mistress waiting without an explanation and apology? You are dirt under the bottom of her shoe!) Next, he spanked his naughty bottom with that same shoe, only because I couldn’t be there to do it myself. His earlier requests to stroke himself was denied, but Miss Lilly had a better idea. Smart, beautiful Miss Lilly always has a plan for naughty subs! This disobedient pet would not have to ignore his sad cock altogether. No, no. On the contrary, it was time that lonely cock of his had a girlfriend! Good thing those shoes that had already touched his face and acted as a paddle for his disobedient bottom still had one more use left in them. That’s right! Little ‘Mr.-I-Have-Better-Things-To-Do-Than-Keep-Appointments-With-My-Mistress’ was ordered to hump his new shoes, aptly named ‘Sneaker Pussy’ by Miss Lilly. Even her sub Tamsyn took the phone and doled out a little CBT for her part of his much-earned humiliation party. That will teach him to stand up a Mistress!

After his punishment, this naughty sub was quite contrite and was required to write an apology to Miss Delia. But it just goes to show you that Mistresses always work together, whether we are sensual or strict! If you are foolish enough to think that we will not root out your disobedience, you are sadly mistaken. There is no hiding. We will bring it to light every time…..and always with pleasure and justice! Pleasure for us, justice for you!


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog, and featured callers have been asked to appear. They have the opportunity to decline before blogs go to print. *

8 comments to Call Confessions: Naughty Pet Gets Punished

  • Heh! Did you ever see Monty Python and the Holy Grail? While reading this post I thought of the scene where Sir Galahad finds himself in a cloister of horny nuns all clamoring for “a spanking! A spanking!” lol I love it when a slave gets one, and I love giving them! Certainly they must be trained to obey, but secretly I enjoy it when they don’t–because then delicious happenings like the one you’ve described occur!

    • Amber

      While I was disappointed in the failings of this particular sub, I adored doling out the punishment. The more embarrassed he was, the more Miss Lilly and I laughed. It was great fun! And yes, I loved Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I always watch it when I’m feeling under the weather. It cheers me up!

  • Ms. Amber – I heard the ramblings of this pet’s transgressions and I was just shocked. Oh yes, news travelled very fast even to the newest of bunch. I was rather shocked. I mean – who would possibly miss an opportunity to have the honor to spend time with Ms. Delia??? I think he got off easy.

    • Amber

      I can still hear his little yelps as he administered his shoe spanking, but nothing could compare to the giggles that escaped from both Miss Lilly and I during his humiliating sneaker hump. I wish all the Mistresses would have been able to be on the call to hear how it was for him. Comedy gold!

  • brett boy

    punishment indeed for him to miss an appointment, but also fantasy to have several beautiful Mistresses having their way with him – now that would not be punishment at all!

  • brett boy

    not sure why that is, but for whatever reason, I do crave the embarrassment and humiliation by a beautiful mistress!

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