Panty bitch Mr. D. got caught stealing panties from a certain store. Oh, what I would have given to be present when he was forced to pay for them!

He called me and I told him he would need to wear panties the very next day to work. Mr. D. does not consider himself a sissy because he doesn’t like dick, be just wants to feel like a girl sometimes!

But about that store….it was his job. I can’t say where but ‘team members’ wear certain colors. You don’t really have to guess, do you? Mr. D. isn’t a good thief. I think he wanted to get caught!

He now needs to wear panties all week. He needs dainty, delicate ladies panties for his little dick! 3 inches hard! Poor Mr. D!

Mr. D. called me back and sent a picture of himself in purple panties and he gave himself a wedgie just for me!

What kind of assignment will I give you if you call and confess?