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Call Confessions: Cockslut Matt And The Perfect End To A Guys Night Out

My East Coast sub called me a few mornings ago, ready to make me very happy! He’s someone I’ve written about before that I call ‘Cockslut Matt’, and you may remember him as the trans girl loving cocksucker that I love to give orders to.’ ‘Matt’ was horny after a guys night out and looking for trouble. He drove to a glory hole for me and waited in a booth. Although the place seemed deserted, I waited on the phone with him and it didn’t take long for someone to arrive.

Cockslut On A Mission

When that strangers’ black cock slid into the hole of the booth, my slut went to work. I listened as he sucked and slurped while holding the phone, panting through conversation with me and pleasuring the stranger. The man pulled his cock away and didn’t cum, which was unfortunate. But my cockslut still got to taste black cock, which was the goal. It made me very proud, almost as proud as when ‘Matt’ sucked cock and got sucked, too!

I loved hearing every moment of this filthy exchange. What I wouldn’t give to see ‘Cockslut Matt’ in person as I’d arrange for one cock after another to stretch and stuff him at both ends, turning my eager sub into a cum cannoli. How I’d love to send him into my room at the time of this writing so he could choke on the cock of the man currently in my bed. When a cockslut like ‘Matt’ is on a mission for cum, they’ll do anything to get their fix. That’s what happens when you’re addicted to dick.

Good job, ‘Matt’! Can’t wait to play again!


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog, and featured callers have been notified. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. *


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