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Buttslut Ronnie aches to be my good boy. He called me from the car, heading to a sex toy store. He asked me what I wanted him to buy. A buttplug, of course! There’s no other way to make an eager whore like Ronnie into an obedient toy for my amusement than to penetrate him!

Bounce, whore!

From Shy Boy To Buttplug Slut

He couldn’t even wait until he got home. Ronnie was so horny after the toy store that he snuck back into the building where he works so he could be my good butt slut boy. He hid in a storage room to avoid the security camera and called me to play.
I listened intently as he inched his plug inside, following my direction. What a squealy little bitch he was! I loved it. Anal play makes you into a squealy bitch, bitch!

Changing Ronnie With Every Bounce

‘Do you want a real cock in your pussy? I want to hear you say it!’ I purred.

‘Oh, Miss Amber, I can’t say that!’, he replied nervously in between bounces.

‘I know what you really are. Now say it for Mistress’, I said to Ronnie.

‘I want real cock in my pussy!’, Buttslut Ronnie answered back.

‘Real cock is better than any toy, but we’ll start with toys for now!’, I replied.

‘Miss Amber, it feels so good!’, he panted breathlessly as he bounced.

‘You’re changing, Ronnie. I’m turning you. You’re going to suck cock for me and do even more than that’, I said through my smile.

‘Noooooo!’, Ronnie whined. But he kept pumping, driving the plug deeper. I had him right where I wanted him.

Buttslut Ronnie continued to rock and moan. His first buttplug experience and he was hooked. Hey, I change horny males into addicted bitches that need their pussies stuffed. Just another slut on my list!
Ronnie never even touched that clit until the very end. But once I gave the green light, he exploded cum on command.
Good slut, Buttslut Ronnie! A toy today, but cocksucking is coming soon!


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog and featured callers have been notified. Any names I use are changed to protect the not so innocent. *