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Business Trip James And The Hungry Fuckhole

James was on an out of town trip for a few days and decided to call me. Good idea! I am always ready to play with you when you’re out of your regular setting. No spouses or significant others, no routine…and lots of time to yourself. Not to mention that you often feel a little daring when you’re in a hotel alone in another city. That’s exactly the mindset I want you in. That’s when your inner slut can come out to play and your fuckhole becomes the magic button for fun.


Let’s Fill Your Fuckhole, Too!

In this case, it was James who was feeling a little antsy. There he was, far from home, yes. But all those filthy fag thoughts were bubbling to the surface, too and would I help? Of course I would! I wasted no time in edging James and planting some naughty seeds in his head about my absolute favorite on-business fuckhole filler, Cum Slurp Brian. After passing on his go-to method for getting fucked out of town, James was online in no time, looking for local cock that would assist him in filling that fuckhole of his, just like Brian does.

I edged James as we waited for Mr. Big Cock. It took a little for our guest to arrive, but that just meant that James was climbing the walls and ready to suck and be fucked ASAP! I was right there when Mr. Big Cock walked through the hotel room door and our guest didn’t mind being watched. James forgot all about his wife and life back home and sucked the cock that he’d been dreaming about. Then, I actually couldn’t see his face for awhile…..because Mr. Big Dick had him face-down and ass-up. James got himself thrusted and pumped like the whore he really was, and that fuckhole of his took it all.

What About You?

Do you have a business trip coming up and you’re ready to throw off the confines of your regular routine and have some fun? Prepared to give filthy fun a go? I’m ready and willing to take you waaaay out of your comfort zone into the pleasure zone! Don’t be shy, you secret slut! Grab your laptop and get set up on Skype.
I’m the perfect bad influence!

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