Bitch Frank called me on Friday and gave me a rundown of his weekend and boy, was he gonna be busy.

Friday night with Mr. B. and Saturday? Meeting up with the new big black cock Alpha that Mr. B. had found at MY PROMPTING. Oh, Bitch Frank sure was excited. I could hear it in our session! Taking new cock for the first time IS exciting, so I get it.

Sunday? Well, I don’t believe for one moment that he was completely free that day. Mr. B. makes sure that Frank gets used up on weekends and he doesn’t actually get a rest until Mondays. That’s when he goes in late to work and calls me after the office goes home. There he is, all by his lonesome, pulling on his little peen while I mindfuck my Bitch as only I can! Mondays are special because it’s a recovery day after spending the weekend doing exactly what I taught him to crave.

And after ruining his own marriage, Frank has thrown himself into the cockslut lifestyle with excellent results!

Bitch Frank is distracted every Monday, trying to focus on work but spending time on my page instead, reading blogs and watching my logging in and out. ‘Ooooh, where did she go? Will I get to talk to her? Oh, she’s back! I want to call but I have to wait.’ Bitch Frank even gets a little jealous when he sees others talk to me! Don’t worry, Bitch. I love our Mondays and have no intention of taking it easy on you!

Buckle up, cum dumpster!