This weekend, well! Here’s the weekend weirdo line-up!

Little Peen Serenade

Let’s see…..there was some small dick teasing on a two Mistress call with a good looking Australian. Too bad you need a a magnifying glass for that poor excuse of a cock! It was fun to hear you sing your little humiliation song, though!

Tomorrow Night, You Get Stuffed!

How about the horny cockslut that’s one sleep away from his hot date with ‘Richard’, the guy from a hook-up app? My caller is getting rammed tomorrow, for sure! Wear a condom!

Just This Once, Don’t Eat Your Vegetables!

And how could I forget the buttslut that didn’t have a dildo, so he used a piece of celery? I’ve seen carrots and cucumbers with my other produce pounders, but celery was a new one for me!

Bitch Frank Can’t Stay Away!

And the ultimate slut is going to be looking at this blog tomorrow from work and gearing up to tell me about yet another fuckfest weekend. Bitch Frank, Im talking about you, of course!

I have no doubt you got a good pumping these past few days, and because you know the mindfuck that’s coming, you just can’t stay away! I’m going to break you all week, Bitch!

Slut…..Yes, You!

And to the rest of you, I had a blast but yeah, you’re all sluts! Thanks for a great weekend!