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Anal Anchors…. A Real Snug Plug

I recently got to watch on cam while a complete sissy buttslut I know played with his new toy, an anal anchor plug. I’m no stranger to whores bouncing on cam, so I was all for it. But I really loved how snug the fit was, so much that it was very clear that no matter what that sissy did, that plug wasn’t going anywhere!

Anal Anchor? Show Me!

Unlike a regular buttplug that can be a little sensitive to movement, an anchor plug is pinched together for insertion and then changes shape inside, ensuring it stays put. This allowed my cam slut to grind as usual, but if I would have asked them to walk or bend over, there would be no worry about popping out, no clenching. I love toys of all kinds and am so glad that I got a little variation with my session and my slut!

Do you have an anchor plug or another toy that you’d like to show me? It’s time for you to show and tell!



4 comments to Anal Anchors…. A Real Snug Plug

  • Oooh, this sounds perfect for lots of sissies. The fact that there is no likelihood of the butt plug slipping out makes it an essential in my book. I bet the expansion felt internally is amazing. I wonder if this hits all of sissy’s hot spots?

  • I’ll bet I know who had that anchor plug….lol. Don’t you love these for butt whores Ms Amber? It really shows they are serious about their toys and how to amuse and entertain Mistresses. The best is when they are totally dressed sissy and made up. It shows they care about their looks and being a girlie boi. Great post Ms Amber.

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