It’s still cold as fuck for alot of you right now, including me! That’s right, even your favorite Vegas gal. The LV sun will be melting it’s residents very soon but not yet, and in the meatime, it’s pretty brisk out there, especially at night. Here are some good tips for winter hair care so that you can always rock your soft and pretty.

Doesn’t she have gorgeous hair? Soft and cared for!

Hair Care Stuff To Know

Heat Styling — They say to avoid it, but let’s be real. If I don’t use a hair dryer, my styling product dries weird and I look like a dork all day. If you depend on heat styling, do it. BUT you need to incorporate a leave in conditioner on the ends of your hair on a regular basis. Try to use a cooler air setting for part of your dry time and only wash your hair 2-3 times a week, if you can. More washing means more styling.

Wet Hair — Don’t walk outside with wet hair. Cold weather and wind can make wet hair dry out and break.

Trims — Get them on a regular basis. Your split ends will need to be removed or they will continue to split. Not cute.

Stay Away From… — Sulphates in your shampoo! Sulphates are very drying and will strip your hair of oils. Reading labels isn’t just for healthy food. Watch that shampoo label, too!

Scrunchies! Do you have any? They’re so cute!


Water Temp — When showering, try to turn the water temp down a little. I love hot showers as much as anyone, but it can scald and dry out your hair (and skin!)

Go Deep — Once a week, slather on a deep conditioner and just let it work it’s magic.

And No Matter The Season — Beware the ponytail or bun. Not necessarily something you have to stop altogether, but wear them at different heights and try not to pull them super tight. This is the cause of hair strain, breakage and even receding hair lines. Whenever possible, use a scrunchie in your hair instead of hair bands that pull.

Still Plugging Along….

I am SO looking forward to warmer weather, but until then, we’re plugging along the last bit of winter. In the meantime, keep an eye out for ways to protect your hair in the cold to keep it looking healthy and cute!