I love makeup! Eyes and lips and pretty cheeks? I am a consumer and proud of it. One of the most great things about being feminine is taking advantage of all the fun available to you, and there’s no shortage to that when it comes to makeup. Colors, styles, methods, tools…and seasons bring trends. You know I’ve got my ear to the ground for ya. (With pics for all you ‘oooh and ahhh’ visual people like me. It’s eye makeup time!

Here are some fun, trendy looks for eyes right now. Try a few or all of them!

Winter Eye Makeup Looks Now!

Layering eyeshadow glitter over matte shadow

Pink, lavender or aquamarine eyeshadow for a fun day look


– Metallic shadow with black liner for nighttime drama

Smoky eye and glossy lip

– Cat eye with sexy red lip

Hot, Hot, Hot!

As you can see, these are definitely going to get noticed! How can you not try then and feel like that bitch! Don’t be shy about making a statement when you’re dressed, whether you’re going out or not!

As for me, I am forever buying and trying. Join me! Let’s make it a Skype date where I can see what you’ve bought and I’d love to give you a few tips on application!