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So I went outside today and didn’t freeze like my Portland friends. 68° here in Vegas and was about 30° in Portland. Cold for them, sunny for me but still winter for both of us. Some of us aren’t freezing. Some of us have shed the yarn hats with the dorky ball of yarn on top and are ready for a little fashion even if it’s not officially Spring. When I say ‘cool weather accessories’, I don’t mean you’re headed to the mountain so you better bundle so your face doesn’t freeze off. I mean we’re almost done with this and we can start to have fun with fashion again!

Cute Accessories I’m Feeling Right Now

Scarves — There’s a million ways to wear pretty scarves. So many patterns and prints, go nuts. Scarves always look pretty and polished when you’re out en femme!

Hats — It’s time for my Fedora hats, people! Packing my hats well so they didn’t get damaged on the way to Vegas was a challenge, but they made it! Hats hide messy hair and look super cute, too!

Sunglasses — The glare is real! We’ve reached a point in the weather where the sun can be a real bitch when it comes to glare, especially while driving. Sunglasses are also great for hiding when I’m tired! Which is…..sometimes!

Lip balm — Have some in the car, in the drawer at work and in your sissy purse. The weather is still a bit brisk and the last thing you want is painful, chapped lips that are red and burning.

Hand cream — You should always be carrying a little travel size of lotion with you. Those elbows of mine get a little everyday, especially when I’m about to see folks. Make sure you’re massaging a little in your cuticles as well as your hands.

Wrapping Up

I sure am looking forward to official Spring where there will be new fashions and it’ll be a little warmer for all of us and not just some. Of course, that will mean a new Series, of course! Catch up on any previous feminization Series by visiting my Vault!