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Amber Academy, Series XVIII: Shopping For Sunglasses

The weather is getting warmer and summer will soon be upon us! Although I have talked about it in years past, sunglasses are my favorite accessory. You can buy them anywhere….department stores, tourist traps, online and even at the grocery. Although I love trying them on, I do alot of online shopping and have tons of fairly cheap sunglasses that probably cost $12-$20, but I do have a few nicer pairs, too. For you en femme girls that are out and about, this is the time to grab a few cute pairs for yourself!

This week, I’ve got a great throwback for you just in time for beautiful weather. It’s almost time to make a cold drink, slather on some sunscreen and feel sand or lush grass on those pampered, polished toes of yours! Summer is almost upon us, a time to grill fruit, have a party, jam to summer tunes and take some cute sissy selfies with your new sunglasses.

The following excerpt is taken from my June 1, 2016 Amber Academy blog post.

Picking The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

It’s time to pinpoint your perfect fun and feminine touch. Thankfully, knowing the ideal pair of sunglasses for you is as easy as one, two. (What? Were you expecting a third step? It’s even better that that!)

  1. Pull your hair back in a mirror where you can see your entire face.
  2. Study your face shape.

Round face–If you have a wide forehead, full cheeks and a rounded chin, go for square, rectangle, cat-eye or aviator styles. Stay away from round lenses or anything too big. Oversized lenses aren’t for everyone. You’ll just draw attention to face size. Don’t be afraid of print pattern frames or bright colors!

Square face— If you have wide cheekbones,  a wide forehead and angular features, you want sunglasses that are round, oval or cat eye shaped. Stay away from frames with sharp edges that will accentuate the angles of your own face.

Heart face— If you have high cheekbones, a broad forehead and a narrow chin, you will want sunglasses to even out your proportions. Try a cat eye, butterfly or round frame to really rock your look!

Oval face— If you have a narrow forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin, you can pull off pretty much any look you like. Lucky! Rectangle, round, aviator and cat-eye sunglasses will look best on you.

Happy Shopping!

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